suddenly,A while,Attracted people’s attention。

Look for a look,I saw Guo Longtian who was using the stone.。
He is full of face,Double eyes full of blood,狰狞 狰狞 狰狞 狰狞。
turn out to be,Wen Jing’s feng is also unspeakable.,Just let them go crazy.……All are waste stones。
Listening to this exclamation,Look at the eyes of people,Guo Longtian double-eyed red,Smash in the summer。
“Small hybrid,I must not let you go.,must!”
Just at this time,Summer hurried,The eyes are not smashed……This kind of eye is simply let Guo Longtian can’t hate a long-awaited.。
“Ice species!It’s actually ice species,Heaven,Such a big ice jade。”
“I am squatting,Best,Super best,This is tens of millions of things.?800,000 bought stone……”
One is awkward in Guo Long Tian,Almost vomiting blood,Jealousy。
At this moment,Everyone’s face is arbitrary,Various envy between the look。
More greed。
Two eyes of Zheng Jiajun become bright crystalline,A few steps to take careful weight,Follow-up,“Quickly called multiple。”
The staff next to it also reacted immediately,Hurry and greet two people carefully put it on the scale。
Everyone is looked.。
next moment。
Surrounded by a tap of tap。
“This……Seventy-five city kg!”
Someone knotted the Baba and said a sentence.。
No one responded。
It is also in a quiet surrounding。
Half half,One of the middle ages suddenly said,“Zheng Shao,Such a big jade,Can you eat or eat?。”
“Yeah yeah,Zheng Jiajia is big,This is not to give us a good way.。”
“I can’t see the average,Allocation。”
The rest of them also attached to。
In front of huge interests,Even if it is Zheng Jia,These jewelers also dare to fight。
This is not a problem,Again,Source is the key……Now the reception of Malaya Jewelry is the money and can’t buy the supply.。
“Sorry everyone,I won’t sell it.。”
Zheng Jiajun is full of joy,Naturally, it will not be separated.,Fundamental without fear of these jewelers,Don’t give them an opportunity to open,That old man。
“Old,You are an expert,Give the estimated price。”
That old man,头 头,Turning around this piece of jade,Sink,Slowly open。
“This is a buzzard of the seventy-five city kg.,The key is……It is a whole,Not only can carvings small objects,Can also be carved into big objects,So this price is not good.。”