Then took a back seat,Laughing in Zhang Aitian:“bring it on,boarding,I will take you to the strawberry shacks.。”

Zhang Ai Tian listened to this and laughed.,But immediately, she is sinking.。
Because of today she wears a pleated skirt like a short dress,The upper body is lovedJKseries。
The reason why the lace miniskirt is because you can show your big legs.,If she is going to sit on the top, it is very obvious.。
Li Hui Feng saw the other as a shy appearance,Naturally, I understand what is going on.。
I immediately laughed:“Just sit on the side.,Then lick my waist,We will come soon.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Zhang Ai Tian is not very embarrassed,Especially still, Li Hui’s waist,But I saw that Li Hui Feng’s pair of sincere eyes,There is no distracted clear look in the eyes.,She suddenly felt that she thought more.。
“it is good,Then you slow down。”
Saying that she is also sitting on the old side.,Then use two small hands to take Li Hui’s clothes.,I didn’t come up.。
Li Hui naturally felt the nervousness of each other。
Laugh:“Then we have to start.,Sit still。”
Say,The throttle is directly added,Then the clutch of the hand,In an instant, it’s going out.。
The moment of inertia is shocked.,The instinct is tightly hocked with Li Hui Feng.。
Smell Li Hui Feng’s taste full of sunshine,Feel the solid body,She suddenly sorry is not reluctant。
Just when she hesitated, don’t let go,Li Hui Feng is directly with her to the strawberry greenhouse.。
“All right,Down,This is my strawberry shed.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Zhang Ai Tian also responded,Hurry,Then get off。
She saw a large studio on weekdays.,Li Hui’s greenhouse is actually a glass.,And still automatic,Those booms are obviously adjustable。
Through the glass,She can see the strawberries inside have matured.。
One of the light heads do not say,Color is still very bright,Just look at it,She can’t help but want to go in.。
“Let it go,I take you to look at it.。”
Said that Li Hui is walking in front,Leading Zhang Ai Tian into the greenhouse。
Zhang Song saw that Li Hui is coming.,Also hurry up。
“Lee Boss,You are?”
Li Hui’s things in the village are basically known.,Before the Qin Su is dead。
After playing,Li Hui Hui rarely took a woman.。
Even if the New Year, Li Hui Rong took the girlfriend,But it’s really seen that there are few,Some even said that it is rumor。
But this time,Zhang Song feels not a rumor,It is his own eyes.。
Zhang Aizhen, a pair of flaming red tube high heels,A pleated dress,The upper body is even more can’t help but look at both eyes.,Especially the face,Although some are small and lovely,But it reveals a different kind of beauty。
Especially laughing, the curved crescent,Let him not help but think of a big star Zhao Liying。
Although only eight images,But some aspects he feels better than that star.。
“This is the boss to buy our strawberry,I have a look at it.。”
Chapter 876 Management experience
One listening is to buy strawberries,Zhang Song also immediately knew that he guess it wrong.。
However, it is also a warning that Li Hui Feng before.,That is the strawberry not to eat.。
He also has some curious strawberry price。
“Hey-hey,The boss,How much is our strawberry??”
Li Hui said this,Laugh:“You ask this big boss.。”
Zhang Ai Tian heard that Li Hui said that she is the big boss.,I can’t help but laugh.。