Eating too much oil is a great health hazard


Eating too much oil is a great health hazard

An effective and economical way to treat insomnia is exercise, which is regular and regular exercise.

銆€銆€In which aspects of exercise affect sleep, the results of this survey also pointed out: high energy expenditure, sorghum and overweight, obesity and diabetes occur, especially those with less intake and less physical activity, suffering from all kinds of chronicThe most opportunities for noncommunicable diseases.

銆€銆€First, we eat too much oil. Currently, the average daily consumption of oil per person in urban residents in developing countries is nearly 50 grams, which is twice the recommended amount of the World Health Organization (25 grams).The average daily consumption of oil has approached 90 grams, which is the recommended amount by the World Health Organization3.

5 times.

Indeed, the increase in oil consumption is the result of an increase in the standard of living of Chinese people.

However, our neighbors Japan and South Korea have a much higher standard of living than ours, and our oil consumption is far lower than ours, which is close to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

銆€銆€In recent years, Chinese restaurants are very popular in South Korea and the business is very good.

However, when the Chinese restaurant first landed in South Korea, it encountered a situation of 鈥渁cclimatism鈥? The first thing is that the Chinese restaurant used too much oil. The dishes were generally 鈥渙ily鈥? and the diners often ate their diarrhea. Second, the oilIt is a big problem in terms of eating and drinking, which is a big problem that affects the health of the family.

Too much oil consumption has many effects on the health and complications of our health. Except for obesity, as small as acne, and as large as cancer, it can’t be separated from “oil big”.

銆€銆€Lead to obesity In all foods, the unit of fat conversion is the highest, and 1 gram can produce 9 kcal conversion.

If you eat 1 teaspoon (15 grams) of oil per person per day, your weight will increase by 700-800 grams a month, and you will gain nearly 10 kilograms a year.

A fat and sick person: high blood fat, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and cerebral infarction and other rich diseases will follow.

銆€銆€Susceptible to heart disease, brain stroke, large oil, eating too much oil, can lead to excessive cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood.

And these excessive cholesterol and fatty acids will adhere to the blood vessels, causing arteriosclerosis and eventually forming a blood clot.

Intravenous injection of blood vessels, the result is a cardiovascular attack; once the brain blood vessels, the result is a stroke.

銆€銆€Leading cancer Some cancers, such as colon cancer, cancer, prostate cancer, etc., have direct or indirect links with “oily”.

Therefore, the US Food and Drug Administration even recommended that food manufacturers indicate on food labels that a small amount and low diet can reduce the risk of colon cancer, cancer, and prostate cancer.

銆€銆€Excessive amount of oil in the stomach, bile will increase secretion.

When high-fat, low-fiber foods enter the colon, some harmful bacteria in the colon can break down the bile into a carcinogen, thereby increasing the chance of colon cancer.

銆€銆€Women have high levels of estrogen and a high rate of diabetes.

Too much fat can cause obesity, while the level of estrogen in women is generally higher than that of lean women.

銆€銆€Although there is no direct evidence that high-concentration diets can cause prostate cancer, epidemiological studies have shown that Japanese immigrants from Japan to the United States suffer from prostate cancer rates that are much higher than those in Japan.

According to the analysis, this is related to the fact that they gave up the traditional Japanese light diet and switched to the American-style high-fat diet.

銆€銆€Third, how to eat less oil to strengthen the publicity of nutrition and health knowledge, people understand that the excessive consumption of oil will bring harm to human health, so that people are alert and disgusted with “oily” in ideology; improve cooking tools,If you use a non-stick pan, microwave oven, you can use less oil to reduce the amount of oil used; change the cooking method, use less frying, oil explosion, oil fry, chopped, more steamed, cold, boiled,Into the sputum; learn to measure the amount of oil: 1 teaspoon oil about 15 grams, each person should not exceed 2 teaspoons (30 grams) per day; from the monthly consumption of the upper control, 3 family, 5 liters of a barrel of oil at least eatenTwo months; less to the restaurant and restaurant, because the restaurants and restaurants are mostly oily.

In addition, foreign fast food, biscuits, etc. should also be eaten less.

銆€銆€Love Tips Do not heat the oil until it is smoked. Do not repeat the use of the fried oil. Generally, it should be discarded after 3 times. Do not mix the used oil into the oil that has not been used.Because the used oil is heated and oxidized by high temperature, the molecules will aggregate and become thick, and the oil will be viscous, which will easily lead to good oil conversion. Oil bottles and oil drums should be tightly tightened after use to avoid oil surface contact with air;The container is inserted into direct sunlight or overheated at the fire side to prevent the oil from replacing it.