“Ha ha,Boy,Madness,Madness,If the body of this seat is here,I have already rushed to step on you a few feet.,However, this is enough to die, you are enough.,You can’t hold ten breathing time in this hand.。”Nirvanney people laugh at the sky。

He is like a rainbow。
His hand has a sword,This god sword presents a dark color,He appeared between Lin Feng between his figure.。
This sword is still very simple,It’s like the sword of the sea.,This sword stab in the palm of the country,Suddenly, the whole palm trembling。
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Chapter 1,729 Nirvana
ucMobile phone station:
Suddenly sounded the sound of the sword,At this moment, it seems to be distorted.,The midth of this gentleman is getting stronger.。
Each sword light shrinks strength to the ultimate,Condense,Every sword is stabbed in the palm of the palm,Electro-optical moment has been tatched thousands of times,The whole palm of the country issued a dramatic vibration,It seems that there is a matter of collapse。
“Good one!”
Lin Feng’s cold:“Give me explosion!”
At this moment, Lin Feng broke out the horrible breath.,The mushroom cloud is emerging throughout the person.,Almost crazy,The powerful radiation is swept the ten party void,Crossing http://www.nanshahd.cn the palm of the palm under the control of Lin Feng。
The bombardment is in the god of Nirvana。
Nirvanic people snort,Yuan Shen stab,This is not his true emperor.,He has consumed the blood of Xuanhuang in these years to maintain it today.,Usually do not dare to consume strength。
I am afraid that this is a badge.。
This time I encountered Lin Feng to take the Beiming Shenjia.,This caused him to shoot。
His figure is like lightning, disappearing.,Prepare to avoid Lin Feng’s attack,But when his figure appears again,He is still attacked by the strange power.,Short time is fine,But it is dangerous for a long time.。
Nirvanic people snort,There is a huge ray wholly,This is specially guarded,Guard him directly。
However, more wonderful things appear。
Still attacked,The force is http://www.wupeng18.cn like everywhere.,His figure has been dodge thousands of times in the void.,Remain。
“Ha ha……Nirvana?Good at assassination and dodge?Can you escape my attack??How is it a god??It’s just a thing in front of me.。”Lin Feng’s figure stood in the palm of the palm and smiled.。
“Boy,You have a kind!”
Nirvanah is a cold voice,When he was so degraded?The people who have fallen him are not in this world.,Thorough shape。
Nowadays, they are jokes by a human robbery.?
He thinks。
How can he endure??Sudden anger,The breath of the body is more fierce,His figure suddenly does not flash,The whole person stands in the void,Handheld the sword crazy to the palm of the palm,Murderous。
The palm of the palm of the palm trembling is even more powerful。
“I rubbed!”Lin Feng said a sentence,Nima,Your own attack is actually a lot to this old man.,This is a quasi-god。
Of course, it is still successful to make this person face the face.。
“boom,boom。”So Lin Feng and the Nirvana of the Nirvanned people have launched a crazy strike here.,Who is not a moment?,Time gradually,Suddenly there is a dramatic trembling between the whole palm。
The old country broke out,Directly opened a crack,A shadow,This person is naturally Nirvana。
“Boy is dead!”