This scene is extremely rare,Even ancient!

A blank in everyone’s mind,Various thoughts continue to flash。
;He is killing other students。
;who is he。
;What should he do?!
Within the field。
Summer, a knife, killing,Also kill six people。
Sudden killing,Indecent of the magic genius teenagers can’t fight。
They will not think about it at all,Summer dare to shoot them directly。
Originally planned,Mozi assigned three people to die,Turn on and rob。
never expected,This guy in front of you actually is so famed.,One person spends 40 people。
;Returned to Ze!
;court death!
;Kill him together!
After the reaction,The Mozi teenager is angry to the extreme,Also hated the extreme,Do not hesitate to kill in summer。
Summer is not afraid!
At this moment,He felt the power of his own。
This strong difference is too big.。
Working,Yuan gas flow,Power out,I have already exceeded the past cognition。
Although I can’t play the match,But when the knife,He can feel the power of an outside world is resonating。
Just now,It is like the top of the outside world and the light in Kunlun.,He is a knife that he is in one after another.。
Wars have begun。
He is cold,Third momentum drum,Murderous,Various rice far away,Wave the knife,Knife,It seems that there is no pendant。
The neck of a magic teenager swept in an instant,Human head flying high,Bloodstone spray more than two meters。
All Mozi teenagers roar with a fierce attack。
Various guns fell to the cold light to hit him。
At the same time, some people have farmers to shroud in the summer.。