It seems,They don’t want to leave there like their sister said,But I don’t want to trouble him as a son……

After he thought about it,I feel that Dad still makes sense,Although the cost of living in Langzhu is much lower than in Beijing,But Beijing is suitable。
After this idea came up,Jiang Fan started to think,He has been studying the map of Beijing these days,Only after my sister settles,Before I can consider where to buy a house for my parents。He made a decision,Decided to sell the house in Kangzhou Ancient Street,Although my parents said they don’t want him to pay,He can’t stand by,His only property right now is the door face house in Kangzhou。
After Peng Changyi received his call,Said:“do not worry,The houses in the ancient street are now very good for sale,If Beijing hasn’t selected a house yet,Then wait,House prices here are going to rise。”
Jiang Fan is worried about using money then,Can’t sell。
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“do not worry,When do you say to use the money,I’ll sell it to you right away,It’s not enough to ensure that you get the money right away。”
Jiang Fan certainly understands what Peng Changyi said,It’s nothing more than Peng Changyi lending him money,He understands Peng Changyi,Peng Changyi’s divorce is to go out,It doesn’t count if you didn’t bring out a penny,I have to pay my daughter monthly support,He has no money to lend to himself,I insisted that Peng Changyi find a buyer first,Take time,Can sell for a good price。
Peng Changyi agreed。
Parents are getting older every day,Not only did he not do much filial piety as a son,Instead, let parents worry about themselves,When Jiang Fan thinks of this,I feel deeply guilty。
He drove around,There is another purpose,I just want to see which neighborhood is suitable,Rent a house first,He still wants his parents to come early,Even though,But better than them alone。
last night,He saw from TV,In the city park,At the annual chrysanthemum exhibition。Deputy Mayor Chai Changchun attended,He knows this,At the mayor’s office,Chai Changchun reported,This large-scale chrysanthemum exhibition is led by veteran officials every year,Has been going on for more than ten years。Every year a deputy mayor attends the opening ceremony,This basically forms a convention。
Langzhu,There has always been a tradition of cultivating chrysanthemums,In the selection of city flowers in previous years,chrysanthemum,Was voted by the citizens。In the increasingly cold autumn,chrysanthemum,Is the main force in urban beautification,It is also the main flower variety that decorates the city this season。
To learn more about this city,Jiang Fan chose to go to the Chrysanthemum Show this afternoon,because,There are fewer people at this time,Light is also suitable for taking pictures,and so,After he took a short break at noon,Set off with the camera。
He drove to the city park next to the convention center,Because of the chrysanthemum show,There are a lot more people in this park than usual。
Most of Lang Zhu’s cars have Beijing license plates,The car that Jiang Fan drove,Left by the original mayor,Also Beijing license,According to Xiao Aiguo,He changed the license plate of this car again,Plus Jiang Fan is dressed casually,With a big sunglasses,With a big camera on his shoulder,Not long here,And didn’t show up on TV much,and so,No one recognizes him。
But when he took photos of a uniquely shaped cliff chrysanthemum,Still recognized。
After he finishes taking pictures,Just stood up,I heard someone say something:“Mayor Jiang,Hello there。”