The last time she was injured,Shen Huan took her hand,This girl.Have cocoons on their hands,Very rough。

Because she wants to sing,Keep holding the microphone,To find the feeling。
And then contact guitar,These are very hurtful。
The reason why it is so good now,Of course it is the function of Yingyue Ointment。
It’s about four o’clock in the afternoon。
When the two walked into Youzuo Hutong,A group of okay grandparents are still drinking tea and chatting。
Saw them both,Grandpa and aunts’ eyes light up。
“Xiao Shen,This is taking a friend home as a guest?”They are kind of gentle,Just say without moving“girlfriend”。
“Yes,She specifically came to see me from the Shanghai Sea。”Shen Huan smiled,“So take it home,I cook and entertain her。”
“You are too honest!”Old Zhao’s head immediately patted the table,“Like such a pretty girl,Shouldn’t you take her out to eat and watch a movie?This can be successful!”
“Old Zhao, you know what a fart!”Old Qin next to him immediately refuted him,“Are willing to follow home,Did you say this succeeded?”
“Bah bah bah bah!”