I believe that Zhang Zhen people must also be this expectation.!

Save a 10 years,Almost easier for ten years later,Re-colluding、Benjiang lake,But it is destined that Wutang can only sit in the Song Dynasty!。
Urban,Staying in the mountains and dying is the gas festival!
The golden wheel, the king should haven’t thought of it at all.,Wudang will do this……
After all, replaced by Tong Dizan and Tubo,Obviously the tang is the foundation。
Tibet?That is not the rule of Tongz、Is it missionary??Only missionary people and dull sentient beings,No compatriots concept……
It is also under this logic,Jin Wheel, the king is resolutely north,Directive——If you can pass Tibetan Buddhism,Mongolia,That is obviously the Duzitary Expansion、Instead of being swallowed by Tubo。
The King of Jinshuan is undoubtedly a smart person.,It is different from the environment,Determining him under the people,Will not protect this blind spot。
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 668 Gold wheel
“Thank you, Xie Xiong.!This love is going up and down……Our brothers will keep in mind!”Song Yuanqiao heard that Yu Jiyan is going well.,Also finally show some。
Although it is still a bleak,But there is at least good news。
“That day, the golden round of the king……”Chu Deirers are obviously more intent。
Even Song Duanqiao is mentioned“Wudang”when,It’s all intentional to avoid it.“Our brothers”,It can be seen that it has sacrificed Wudang Taoism.。
“I will go to see the teacher.,At that time, Zhang Foujin already took the disciples to go down the mountain.,I am going to make a better than that of the golden round.!”Song Duanqiao Shen Sheng。
Song Duanqiao admit that he is not worth,It should be self-sufficient, it should not be defeated.?
Because the chivalrous list does not include the Mongolian master,Take the Tubo before the gold wheel、Western region walks,After investing in Yunyuan,For the martial arts masters of all the countries of the Western Regions,The Central Plains master only smells its name.、I don’t know how to be high。
However, Chu Deiren naturally does not look at Song Duanqiao……
If the golden wheel is prototype in the big rivers and lakes,It is the gold wheel of the first Xiangyang Hero Congress in the original work.,Song Duanqiao can also say that“Not all uncomfortable”。
After all, the golden wheel of the original,When you bring people to Xiangyang horizontally,Martial arts and arrival of Guo Jing!
If you compare now……
Of course, above Song Duanqiao,It is not too high.,Even if the strength has a gap,Be really beaten,You can’t say that you have no points.——In case the Taijiquan sword、Still just restraint each other??
Tongzong martial arts is just ahead,Song Duanqiao will have this idea is not surprising。
However, the Chu Deiren before the top of the light,From Zhao Min Lu,Have a message to listen to the golden wheel。
Although the Qiyang Wangfu and the Jinhe Wang,Inside the Yuanyuan, it is two fair conflicts.,But Zhao Min also can’t leak too confidential news to Chu Deirers.,and……She also doesn’t know the weakness of the Jinshu King.。
Some unimportant messages,Zhao Min did not take the gold wheel of the king……
So Chu Deirers know,The http://www.fzxcgcmy.cn practice method of this Jinshi national teacher cultivation,In addition to Qimen weapons《Five rounds》、There is also internal strength《No yoga》Outside,The most famous also have to practice to the tenth floor《Dragon is like》!
Therefore, the Chu Deirers expect,This golden round teacher should be closer to the original golden wheel after the original sixteen years.。
If Song Duanqiao is inadvertent,At the time of defeat,By its“Can’t hold your hand”、It is very possible on the spot.……
《Dragon is like》What martial arts?
Zhao Min did not know,I only know that it is secret、Superficial……
However, the Chu Deiren filed a gold wheel to Tong Tong.、Mention《Dragon is like》Later,She exposed a surprised color,And also know the secret of this practice!
According to the child’s saying,This《Dragon is like》Original is not a secret http://www.chenjuncaiwu.cn pass,Zen、Tempse is a martial art,Create people are not available。
Some say a total of 12 layers、Some said a total of 13 floors……
But no matter what kind of statement,Changes for hundreds of years,Unmanually practicing the fact that the ninth floor,Even Zen has long been practiced this practice,Tongz Zong,Also flattened。
Tong Tong’s impression,Still because Xiaoyao is once mentioned——Xiaoyao son wants to collect this year、simulation《Dragon is like》,The result is very difficult,In the end, this idea has no death.。