Panic after meals to strengthen the spleen Astragalus jujube and boiled water to drink

Panic after meals to strengthen the spleen Astragalus jujube and boiled water to drink

A friend said that recently he always paniced every time he had a full meal, thinking that he would not dare to go out for a walk, worrying about a heart attack.

  Panic disorder can be caused by many diseases, including hyperthyroidism, but if the heart rate is accelerated and there are no other complications, especially after meals, it is recommended that you consider spleen deficiency.

  I mentioned in a previous blog post that many of the problems that occur after meals are related to the deficiency of temper described by Chinese medicine. For example, some people are sleepy and uncomfortable after a meal.Dirty and dizzy, this kind of person is because of spleen deficiency. The temper said by Chinese medicine is not only responsible for digestive function, but also responsible for nutrients, that is, the blood and blood that can ensure the function of the internal organs are transported to multiple organisms.In the body, the temper will mainly digest food after meals. People who are already weak in spleen will obviously lack the ability to run qi and blood, so they will obviously be physically weak and sleepy after meals. Some people have neurological headaches.Suddenly after a meal, this shows that his headache is also related to spleen deficiency, including panic, and also caused by spleen deficiency. This situation will worsen in the spring, because the spring is the master of the liver, and the liver wood is spleen-defying, and the liver qiAt that time, the temper was easy to be defeated, so many problems after a meal were easy to aggravate in the spring.

  To treat such a problem, the best way is to strengthen the spleen. You can use astragalus and jujube to boil water daily, astragalus 15-20 grams per day, 5 jujubes, fried as a decoction and drink as tea, Chinese medicine saidIn the spring, you should “reduce acid and increase sweetness”. This sweet refers to sweet-smelling drugs. Astragalus jujube and jujube are all included in this list. Astragalus should be raw astragalus. When jujube is fried, it is best to open it.If you take Chinese patent medicine, you can replace “Buzhong Yiqi Pill”, and you can also use the spleen to replace the problem of panic and fatigue after meals.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to bring help to everyone’s health.