Look at the epaulettes on Yang Shiyun’s police uniform,Nima,Actually changed to one bar and two stars!I wiped it,No way!

“I have a hasty!This stinky girl is already a second-level superintendent!”
Qin Liangsheng was surprised,He calculated silently in his heart,Isn’t this Yang Shiyun already at the director level?BOSSUp!Cough cough,Will she be dragged out and chopped by her to tease her like this!
“Director,Your boyfriend is here。”
Yang Shiyun with Qin Liang’s back can’t see Qin Liang,But the detectives standing opposite her can all see Qin Liang,So a detective reminded Yang Shiyun。
“Nima!It’s really the chief!I have a hasty!Really fast!”
Qin Liang is a mixed feeling,Not seen in a few days,This big-breasted girl’s official is very well promoted。
“wait for me a while……”
Yang Shiyun turned around and saw Qin Liang,Blushed immediately,The identity of Qin Liang’s boyfriend has been firmly established in the hearts of the city police officers.。
“You are busy,Lord Secretary,The little one just waits outside the door。”
Qin Liang teased Yang Shiyun,Then I stood outside the door and waited for her。
After a while,Yang Shiyun finished training,Only then came out and called Qin Liang;“Tell me go to my office。”
“I go!Have their own separate office?Amazing my girl!This guy,Haven’t seen you in a few days,Shotgun changed,Grenades can blow up planes!”
Qin Liang started making fun of Yang Shiyun。
“Shut me up!”
Yang Shiyun immediately interrupted Qin Liang loudly and continuedBB。
There are detectives passing by from time to time in the building,Yang Shiyun didn’t want them to hear Qin Liang’s nonsense,Otherwise, after he leaves,I’m going to be teased by everyone again。
“Say,You are really the chief?”