”Where did so many things come from?,This is my office,No order from me,No one can come in,What are you afraid of,Really,Haha。“

Qin Liang stretched out his hand again to hug Liu Rushi,It suddenly occurred to me that Liu Xiaoyun was hiding behind the door,So I quickly took my hand back。
”Are you looking for me for business or private?“
Liu Rushi asked first。
”Semi-public and semi-private,Hehe,“
Qin Liang talked,One side grabbed Liu Rushi who was about to close the door。
”Then you talk about business first。“
Liu Rushi asked seriously immediately。
”Business is……A guest wants to see you。“
Qin Liang said in a deliberately mysterious manner。
”Someone wants to see me?why?I haven’t been in contact with anyone。“
Liu Rushi said in confusion……
“Explain when i’m away,Your red apricot is out of the wall,Hehe,Give me an honest account,Hurry up……Be lenient,Strict resistance,You know our policy……”
Qin Liang started to spoof Liu Rushi。
“Nonsense!How can I go out of the wall?……You let the person who wants to see me come out!”