All this happens in an instant,Just a blink of an eye,Shen Yingwu, the Alliance of the Third Foreign Alliance, was hit by the big mouth, No longer。

And the other side,Yin Du knows can’t be good,Immediately angered,“I am fighting with you.。”
Her shape is moving,Strong momentum,When is there a sufficient hand?。
“Lotus sword!”
She rushed out of 18 swords,Every sword,Will have a white maturity of the summer。
This is real maturity,Not different,It is completely 所。
Forbidden mid-term,I can attack the 离 离 体。
Just let the Yin are shocked.,This road mat,Bombards in the summer,But just scream。
Just like the rain fall into the sea,There is no semi-silk wave。
“气 body?”
Just like the same white mountain water and stone,Seeing the summer of the summer actually resists your swordscent,Yin Duo was shocked without complement。
嗖,She turned and running。
Then,She heard behind him, 噼 噼 Snapped,This sound turned into the moment as a righteousness.,Finally, I only listen to a torn sound.。
Hard over her head,A hand appeared。
Take a photo。
Sound a sound,Yin Du’s body is soft,Seven bleeding,Take a slight extraction,Constant。
She also wants to die.,Why do you have to kill yourself in summer?!
Hu Julian, the four swordsman passing by the Lushan Mountain stood up,Faceless,Cold drink,“young people,Who are you?,Why is the dragon hand of my Lushan!”
No one answer。
No one cares。
Everyone was shocked by the scene。
Just under this light day,It is in front of the top 100 masters.,Shen Yingwu, the three education,Lotus School Sheng Du,Stroked on the spot!
Foot, more than ten seconds,The surrounding people reacted,Then a angered。A secret killing interleaving transmission,The atmosphere of the entire scene is induced by the ultimate。
NS899chapter big land is big, you know the geometry
It is not to say that these people’s response is slow.。
But everything I just said,But the process is more than ten seconds,Can’t stop。
Or……Many people are jealous,Don’t dare to shoot free。
Even now。
Don’t watch the atmosphere,But under the premise of Shen Yingwu,No one dares to really do。
certainly,Some people are not afraid。
For example, four swordsman in Lushan。
Hu Jiu Lian’s face is gloomy,Seminar staring in summer,“Who are you?,Why is the dragon hand of my Lushan!”
He is not in the past a big ancient martial art。
to be honest,In Hu Jiu Lian,These small and medium-sized martial arts are just the public。