“The following is the first official auction item of our first batch!”

“A bottle of 500-year-old Baizhen wine!Baizhen Wine is brewed with many special fruits collected from the Sunset Mountains,Very few treasures will be hidden,This bottle of superb Baizhen wine was obtained from a noble family,Authenticated by experts at auction。”
“Reserve price500gold!”
Soon this bottle http://www.ycfsjc.cn of Baizhen wine, known as extremely precious3000The price of gold coins was bought by a big belly businessman。
Under the heated atmosphere,The guests all wanted to buy the auction items。
Carl looked at the nervous Wright and smiled at Mimi.:“Don’t worry,Youngest,The first batch of auction items,As usual, it’s not related to practice,Besides, don’t you have two choices?,Just wait!”
Chapter 8 Sanctuary Notes
About two hours,The first batch of auction items was sold out。
The most unsellable product,It’s a set of ancient coins that are said to be the goblin era,Good condition,Starting price1000gold,Although the auctioneer boasted‘The crystallization of ancient civilization’、‘Extremely precious treasure’,But no one cares about the final pass。
Wright also knows,So-called‘Goblin Age’There are only some ruins,An era that some http://www.yodei.cn scholars think may exist,Is it really all doubtful,Even true,How much value are some coins?
And the nobles,There is not much to brag about this kind of value,Not in line with the aristocratic aesthetic,Very non-mainstream‘Treasures’Not interested,Was eventually bought by an ordinary gentleman。
The first batch of the most expensive products,Naturally the last one‘Finale’!
Is a very delicate set of jewelry,It is said that this set of jewelry is all made of precious alchemical materials,It also has a long history,It was bought by http://www.open3dnet.cn a box on the third floor for 1.36 million gold coins。
Rest for a while,Start of the second session。
From the second session,The price of the goods rose rapidly。Feel free to take out one,Its price is no less than the value of a seven-level monster。
“A fire core from the eighth level of Warcraft!”Wright fixed his eyes,Of course not to buy this magic core,Actually,This magic core comes from the mother ant emperor who was struck to death with lightning by Peng Diao。