Pay attention to a few points to create the ultimate sleep for you

Pay attention to a few points to create the ultimate sleep for you

According to incomplete statistics, about one-sixth of the Chinese have been or are suffering from sleep disturbances such as insomnia, sleep apnea, etc. Baby-like sweet sleep has become a past tense that only remains in memories.

  It is estimated that the supplement of human life is spent in bed; some people use this changed time to fully relax and cultivate their bodies; some people use this changed time to turn to the other side and consume health. The meaning of “sleeping well” is not only to get backLost energy is a great way to save health and beauty.

  In the heavy night, I was surrounded by silence, lying on the soft and comfortable pillows, and slowly falling into the black sweet village with the companionship of the dream . But not everyone has the blessing to enjoy the joy of falling asleep like this.

  According to incomplete statistics, about one-sixth of the Chinese have ever been or are suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

Baby-like sweet sleep turned into a past tense that only remained in their memories.

As a result of not getting enough rest at night, in addition to being stunned and dull in color, it is also a taboo to destroy the body’s immune system.

High blood pressure, high blood pressure and mood depression are also related to sleep quality.

  When the once sweet dreams are far away from us, we need to do something to save sleep.

The so-called “know your own friend and win every battle”, many sleep disorders can actually be cured. Please follow the “Fashion Health” to search for sleep disorders and see what you can do to save the lost sleep.

  The following are the culprits that make our dreams no longer.

  Sleep disorders of all kinds, insomnia. When you need to spend 20 minutes to an hour or more to fall asleep, this is insomnia.

Insomnia is the most common symptom of sleep disorders-doctors point out that roughly one in two people will experience staged insomnia at some time.

And women have at least twice as many cases of insomnia as men, which is related to the hormonal changes that are unique to women.

The biggest cause of insomnia is stress.

“When my colleagues and I have a dispute over an issue, I have insomnia, or when I have to make a big decision.

“The 29-year-old Wang Yan will suffer from insomnia one day before the middle management meeting.

In addition, the biggest stimulus in life is the departure of family members, loss of work, marriage crisis and other problems. These blows will also make the most sleepy people unable to sleep.

  Refuse insomnia. Set up a comfortable bedroom and move the TV out, because the bright light of the TV will give the brain an illusion and send a signal of “dawn”, which causes insomnia.

In addition, keep the indoor temperature relatively low: because the supplementary room is able to put the body into a state ready for sleep.

  Sleep on time, get up on time, and train your circadian clock cycle so that your brain maintains a 24-hour cycle.

  Take a hot bath-hot water will raise your body temperature and make you sleepy.

  If you’re used to reading to help you fall asleep, pick a good pillow-reading book-one that’s easy, not thrilling.

  Sex games before falling asleep can also lead to good sleep: You can relax your muscles by having sex and completely change your mind.

  Do not eat caffeinated drinks or food (including chocolate) 4-6 hours before bedtime.

  Do not exercise for two hours before going to bed.

Exercise makes your heart beat faster and your blood pressure rises, it just makes you excited.

  Waking up during the second night of sleep disorders. Waking up early is usually no problem when you go to bed at night, but you will suddenly wake up at three or four in the morning, then start to get excited and never fall asleep again.

In addition to stress and excess, reasons such as jet lag, irregular schedules, excessive drinking, etc. can also cause people to suddenly wake up at night.

In addition, women will have problems waking up at night and waking up early due to changes in the body’s estrogen levels during their diabetes years after pregnancy.

  Sleep Well If you wake up after 20 minutes of sleep, simply get up and find a corner to read, knit, or do other easy things.

  If you have high blood pressure, eat a snack such as a banana or a small glass of milk. This will overcome the interference of tryptophan and help you fall asleep easily while accelerating.

  If the spirit starts to get excited, you can sketch out the things that upset you on the paper, which can make the problem clear, and not let you surround the chaotic thoughts.

  Don’t be too intimate with pets: In a survey of insomniacs, it was found that half of the people like to sleep with pets. Cats and dogs often snore when they sleep, which is more likely to cause sleep problems for owners.

  Tip: Don’t get up to do housework or do business.

  Don’t force yourself to sleep on the bed.

As you are too obsessed with sleeping for a certain amount of sleep, you might as well face this fact and stand up for a walk and move your body.

  Muscle relaxation exercises: For people who don’t easily relax themselves, learning relaxation techniques can be very helpful for sleep.

Keep yourself in a comfortable position and relax. First, keep some body muscles (such as the arms) tight, and then relax, so as to quickly enter a completely relaxed state.  If you look closely, you will find that excessively men are more likely to sleep and snoring, especially those with shorter necks and recessed chins, because their trachea are more slender.

  Hint: Reducing weight will ease the situation.

If the condition is serious, consult your doctor to see if surgery is necessary.

Avoid drinking alcohol or sleeping pills before bedtime, as this can cause problems.

  Sleep Disorder # 3 Snoring Sleep snoring is actually a type of sleep disorder called “sleep apnea”.

This symptom often occurs because the patient’s larynx tissue overlaps and the breath is changed regularly. When this scattered tissue blocks the trachea, it causes apnea.

Although these symptoms are not fatal, they can also cause damage to the heart and brain blood vessels.

  Most of the complaints of the four-leg cramps of sleep disorders are insomniacs.

Some people describe that the hissing sound that feels like Coca-Cola spreads into the legs, often when they are about to fall asleep, and feel that the legs have been trying to move.

Some people suffer so much that they even try to stand and sleep.

Leg cramps are common in women, especially when women are 3 months pregnant.

This may be because the iron content in the body decreases during pregnancy, causing the nervous system to respond.

Other studies have shown that lower levels of a chemical called dopamine cause abnormal brain activity and cause leg cramps.

  Tip: Taking a hot shower or bubble bath before bed can help relieve symptoms.

Another way is to massage your legs.

Do not drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages before going to bed at night, and do not exercise as you should.

In addition, going to the hospital for an anemia test and appropriate iron supplementation can also solve the problem and alleviate it.

  Five of sleep disorders Sleeping molars According to incomplete statistics, at least 5% of Chinese people will unconsciously molars while sleeping.

  Bruxism is also a type of sleep disorder.

The cause of bruxism is unclear, but excessive stress can exacerbate it.

This kind of person often unconsciously closes his teeth tightly during the sleep and keeps grinding, until he wakes up the next morning and feels that his jaw is sore.

Doctors remind that molars may seem trivial, but due to the continuous jaw bite contraction, not only can it cause pain and headaches, it can even cause tooth fractures.

Because the tooth’s enamel is abraded away, it will lead to sensitive and fragile dental nerves.

  Tip: If your molars cause a headache, gently massage your temples and jaws with your fingertips for about 5 seconds each time.

Applying heat to both jaws or using ibuprofen to help with pain can also help.

Do not chew gum or hard foods as this will put more pressure on your jaws.