On the sidelines,Several people sitting,Some of them took off their sneakers and put them aside,Barefoot on artificial turf,While watching the game on the field,Chatting casually。

“Eh,Have you heard?It is said that our school was selected as one of the venues for next year’s National High School Football Championship.!”
“What?Then we can’t come here to play football then?In preparation for the game,This venue will definitely be closed……”
“You think too much,It’s the natural grass course in the Eastern District that was selected。Let’s not affect here。”
“Oh,Scared me……”The speaker was relieved。
“Is not,Waiting for the national competition,What are you playing?Don’t you go to the game?That’s a national competition!I never participated in high school,Our school is weak……I really don’t know what it’s like to participate in the national competition……”
“Didn’t Da Chu participate in the national competition??Just ask him?”
Talking,Several people turned their heads to look at Chu Yifan sitting next to them:“Da Chu Da Chu,How does it feel to be the top eight in the national competition??”
“on……Okay。”Chu Yifan said lightly。
“go to hell!No pretense here!”Everyone raised their middle fingers to him。
Chu Yifan laughed loudly。
“Eh,Da Chu,You explain the year’s national competition,Can your alma mater still participate??It’s not that Luo Kai, who is particularly good, goes to play professional football,You graduated again,Is there anything else to fight??”
Chu Yifan thought of Yan Yan,Think of Hu Lai again,That kid is under the coach’s devil training,Should have grown and improved a lot?After all, seven goals have been scored in the five rounds of the Anton Cup。Although it is not as good as the number of goals scored by Luo Kai,But considering his past experience,This is already a very awesome performance。
Speaking of,Tomorrow is the semi-final of this Anton Cup,The opponent happened to be Jiaxiang High School。
Jiaxiang High School must be suffocating enough energy to get revenge this time?
This game is not easy to play……