broad daylight,Lang Lang Qian Kun,Someone actually took the lead in the street!

I saw a young man pushing a little girl in the corner,Uncontrollable smile,Slowly approaching the little girl。
The man is lanky,Like a bamboo pole,Looks very weird and scary,Holding a weird weapon in his hand,The first half looks like an ordinary steel rod,But the end of the rod is inlaid with an iron claw,Like an oversized tickling。
At this time, the man is still making some foul language,Intent to break this little girl’s heart。
“Hehehe,Little lady,Look at the weather today,The scenery is flourishing,It’s better to explore the harmony of life together,So that you can also experience the most wonderful taste in the world,How?”
The little girl was terrified,Shouted:“Don’t come over!Dare you to move me,I let my dad kill you!!”
“Yo ha?”The man smiled without anger,“The little lady is quite temperamental,Wait till i become your mate,Then your father has become my father-in-law,He wouldn’t be willing to kill me。”
Speaking of it,The man suddenly showed a bit of hideous meaning,“I’m extremely vicious?Who is your father,He is also worthy to fight with me?”
There are not a few players in Dali City,But at this time, no one dared to stand up and say something。
Because everyone has seen the attributes emerging from the crane’s head in the cloud。
atrocious·Cloud Crane
The four evil men are extremely evil,Sinister and cunning,Vicious and lustful,He’s a thief that everyone hates!
Qi and blood:90000
Internal force:50000
Good at martial arts:Crane and Snake、Yunhe Jiuxiao
This crane in the cloud is actually as high as50level!This is not something that players at this stage can challengeBOSS,So even the players on the scene hate the behavior of the crane in the cloud,But for self-protection,Dare not come forward easily,After allBUnresolvedCBut not the result I wanted。