But luck is a contradiction,At the beginning,Xiao Yanda had bad luck,In order to hide,It is to find the Holy Blood Array and the space rift,They sacrifice,Incarnate into the mortal world,But no gain for decades。

During this period,They know about Panmang,I also know the Zhang family,So things seemed to turn around,Because of Panmang,It is possible to use the eyes of the demon to find the holy blood array,They began to actively prepare,But never found the legendary space rift,This is also a very critical issue,No space gap,Can’t break through the barriers of the world,Cannot summon companions with altar,Not enough companions,Everything is in vain,So luck is still bad。
Who expected,The legendary gap in space was not found,However, there have been three spatial rifts in a row in the past six months,Luck is immediately highlighted,Xiao Yanda is so excited that it is difficult to hold on,But calm down, it’s clear,The next step is to face Li Xiucheng,This guy sits in Wuming Mountain,Want to rescue Panmang,Can’t get around this once god of war。
Once God of War,It can only be once,Until that moment,Xiao Yanda still did not make up his mind to kill Li Xiucheng,Based on those complicated considerations,They want to throw this hot potato to other gods,At least before finding the Holy Blood Array,They don’t want to hold on to Li Xiucheng。
But today this situation,Obviously it won’t work if it is not hard,Li Xiucheng is very vigilant,Response too fast,The bloody incident did not hold him for long,So Shen Wenyu must go out in person,Although I was so sad,But he still has confidence,Still strong,And it only takes a while,Other gods and demons came to help,No matter what, Li Xiucheng can’t be allowed to return to Wuming Mountain before Panmang gets out of trouble。
For these twists and turns,Li Tianzhi naturally has no way of knowing,But the main reason is already clear,So I won’t give Shen Wenyu any chance to breathe,Screw the gun immediately。
Shen Wenyu shouted,Rapid change of blood body,A giant strange bird appeared in the clouds,Its appearance is like a eagle,Whole body purple,The eyes and the crown are blood red,A sharp long sound resounded through the sky,Facing the stabbing spear,Big wings flick,Body into the air,Simultaneously,Countless purple feather arrows shot at Li Tianzhi,Like locusts in the sky。
Li Tianzhi loosened his hands,The tail of the big black gun in the right hand punch,Simultaneously turn left palm print,A series of space magic,The speed of palmprint transformation is dazzling,And those feather arrows smelled of rust,Accelerate gliding with the help of airflow,Ignore the false space created by Li Tianzhi one after another,Long drive straight。
Blood God Demon,Sure enough, some means,Li Tianzhen is not in a panic,Body shake,The big red cloak is flying all over the sky,Swept all those feather arrows that were almost close‘Seven Flame Armor’,With the flames of the colorful light field flourishing,Those feather arrows were instantly burned to ashes。
The pupils of the strange bird on the heights shrink slightly,Another vicious method hasn’t come yet.,The black dragon turned into a big black spear bit its head,Without any http://www.xiyueshan.cn choice,Strange bird flapping its wings continuously,The body is like a straight sword and rushes straight into the sky。
In the sky,How can weird birds have the speed of black dragons?,A dragon chant,The black dragon will rise into the sky,Who knew Li Tianzhen stretched out his hand,The black dragon can only helplessly change back to the big spear and fly back,Li Tianzhen picked up the gun,Go away quickly,How can I fight against Shen Wenyu?。
But did not expect,It didn’t go far,Li Tianzhen met the roadblocker again,Three clusters of gray mist slowly dispersed,Showing three strange creatures,A head of Kunpeng,What’s covered in feathers is actually huge bone spurs,The other end looks weird,Like two giant spiders spliced together,There is also a moth that seems to be enlarged and I don’t know how many times,Two huge eyeballs are http://www.fjmszx.cn terrifying,Fat belly,Folds in circles,It makes people look unspeakably disgusting。
Anyway,Li Tianzhen didn’t answer at all,No need to know which world the other party is from,With Shen Wenyu,Nothing good,He swept away with a big gun,At the same time green light flashes,Leaf knife still offering,Mercilessly。
The ruins of the underground palace on the Wuming Mountain began to emit steaming smoke under the scorching sun,The earth trembles rhythmically,The smoke keeps gathering in mid-air,Melt into that little dark cloud,Dark clouds,And is slowly expanding,It’s like covering a layer of black cotton wool over the ruins。
At the moment,A black spot flying higher in the sky,Soon I was above the dark clouds,The black spot landed straight without hesitation,Through the dark clouds,Hit the ground with a bang,A big hole suddenly appeared on http://www.mmyibao.cn the surface,The armor of silver armor crawled out of the pit,Extremely embarrassed,Due to rush,In addition to serious injuries,There is no way to control the landing posture。
Received Li Tianzhen’s notice,Jia Chou came quickly from Xinglong Mountain,There was no problem at first,But when I arrived over the Jidong Plain,Intercepted by two groups of gods and demons in a row,Finally got out after a fierce battle,Such hardship stems from Li Tianzhen’s notice‘Fast’Two words。
A look at the ruins of the underground palace,Jia Chou’s face changed a lot,I have never seen such a huge crack on the eight-sided purple gold mace,The biggest crack can even be stuffed into a house,Zijin Mace is already in danger,Sure enough, a murderer came to the underground palace to make trouble,In fact, when he approached Wuming Mountain, he felt a very bloody and disgusting breath.。
Chapter 960 Jia Chou
The only way to enter the underground palace is that Li Tianzhen summoned craftsmen to excavate in order to arrange the formation a few days ago.,Originally sealed,But now it was opened,The extremely ugly singing sound came from this pothole。