Tang Dong got off the horse,Looking at Qin Liang with contempt,Said:“how about it?I advise you to be acquainted,Take these 300,000 yuan and get out。”

Looking at Tang Dong’s arrogant face,Qin Liang shrugged,Said:“Ah,I don’t like rolling,But he likes to let others go!”
“you!”Tang Dong heard Qin Liang’s disrespectful words,Furious,But in the eyes of so many people,He is not very angry,Can give Qin Liang a stern look,Said,“Humph,I hope to wait a moment, your equestrian skills are as good as your mouth!otherwise,You just wait。”
Qin Liang smiled faintly,For Tang Dong’s threat,He naturally doesn’t care,He came to the sweaty BMW,Stroking the horse’s head affectionately,He fell in the ear of the sweaty BMW and said something softly。
Seeing Qin Liang like this,Tang Dong laughed:“Do you really think that beast can understand you??moron。”
The opposite of Tang Dong,The coaches at the riding stables are bright,He immediately raised Qin Liang’s assessment to another level,I used to think that Qin Liang shouldn’t know how to do horsemanship or not.,But now it seems,Qin Liang’s equestrian skills are pretty good,Look at his attitude towards horses,And just leaned on the horse’s ear and talked like a friend,This can be a good way to get horses,Although Tang Dong is first-rate equestrian,But it’s like a beast to the horse,Naturally won’t get the horse’s favor,This is also the realm that Tang Dong has been unable to achieve the unity of man and horse。
Qin Liang ignored Tang Dong,But still talking softly to the sweaty BMW,Talked for a while,This sweaty BMW suddenly knelt on the ground with a pair of front feet!
This lift stunned everyone in the audience。
This is how the same thing?Why is Qin Liang just talking in his ear,Can make this sweaty BMW kneel down?
Tang Dong saw the appearance of this sweaty BMW,I was also surprised,Even he can’t do this!This horse really understands what Qin Liang said.?Or Qin Liang is a superb horse whisperer?But Tang Dong immediately denied,In Haishang,He has never heard of anyone who is a horse-speaker。
Shen Ruoxue saw that Qin Liang could make that white horse so obedient,Suddenly smiled,In her eyes,Can make a horse obedient,Equestrian should be good too。
“It turns out that Brother-in-law really can ride a horse!Mad,He won’t tell me,Made me worry for him in vain。”Shen Ruoxue was surprised and happy,Qin Liang, who knows how to ride a horse, has changed from her prince charming to a real prince charming。
Qin Liang intimately patted this white sweaty BMW,Make it stand up again。
Ugh,Haven’t been riding for a long time,I really miss it。Qin Liang smiled,Turn over,Natural and cool action,In one go,Compared to Tang Dong’s stiff movements just now,Immediate judgment。
When Tang Dongsui went to Qin Liang, he knew that he would really meet an equestrian master.!But he still doesn’t want to believe,I think it happened to Qin Liang。
But then Qin Liang’s riding skills,But it made him almost fainted。
I saw this sweaty BMW in Qin Liang’s hands,Ran gracefully,It makes people feel like it’s dancing,Compared with Tang Dong’s brutal rush just now,It’s a world,The audience was boiling over Qin Liang’s superb equestrian skills。
Qin Liang also let the sweaty BMW make all kinds of interesting actions,salute,Or Sa Huan, etc.,Caused a thunderous sensation in the audience。
“This is true equestrianism!Look, this horse is so elegant!”