“Stronger?Is it a half-step god??”Lin Feng doubts。

“no,It is very likely to be a god,The strong people in the gods are in the dark here.。”Tiaoba humane。
“It seems that your repair is progressing.。”Lin Feng Road。
“Thanks to the owner,My god is being transformed,Damping to pseudoons,Hey-hey,In the future, the owner will die.。”The robbery laughs and laughs,He knows Lin Feng’s character。
Lin Feng is not like other boss,Will you blade,And naturally born,So he is welcome。
“I donate blood,If you don’t give me a decent strength,Don’t blame me, you are welcome.,Afterblating!”Lin Feng is not a good way。
“This must。”Tiaoba humane:“Owner,Don’t shoot first,Let’s take a look at the movement and say,To avoid。”
“it is good!”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,I immediately lost my figure.,Thoroughly hidden。
Endless Rui Nu’s gas is among the empty,More and more strong,Lingbao born,Endless darkness gradually cracking,A purple gold hoist is in the darkness。
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Chapter 1174 Chaos gourd
Purple gold hoist extreme mystery,Give people an ancient vicissitudes,The above is engraved with an old text,The ancient text appeared。
“Chaos gourd!”
“Chaos gourd!”
Four big words let Lin Feng,The world is shocking,Fairy day,Wasteless,Yatong Tian also stares at this golden gourd。
At this moment, the golden gourd appeared,Gods,These gods are naturally intertwined in the void.,These big characters form a text。
Herone is a description of this chaotic gourd。
“Chaos gourd……”
Description of chaotic gourds in the void,Lin Feng,Robbery,Proud,Fairy day,Yin Tong Tian is staring at these texts。
Suck the world!
Refining the world!
When everyone reads these words, they are shocking.。
“Actually absorb anything,Direct refining http://www.ks-terminals.cn into chaos!”Lin Feng shocked。
“Good, hegemony, gourd!”Tiaoba people also lost their voice:“The mixed day is called into the world.,And this gourd can collect all the best,Melt it!”
“overbearing,Really overbearing!”
Proud to stare at this gourd road:“As long as it refines its,You can come back from the use of this gourd。”
“Sure enough, it is a good baby.,Is a big murder!”Lin Feng looked at this gourd road。
“not only these,You look at the text below,This gourd can also be used as a second avatar,Usually, as long as the illegal force is injected therefrom,You can play a powerful combat power!”Proud of the gourd:“And the gourd can grind the gods。”
“Ha ha……”
Looking at this scene,Wasteless,The three strong people in Yantong Tiandong also laughed in the sky.,They all their eyes。
“I have to control http://www.xiankezu.cn this baby.,Squire my combat power doubled。”Happy double hand:“And grind my Yuan God,In the future, the true god pulse does not have!”
“I think so too,I am welcome.。”Yinpong sky is negative and cold:“This gourd and I have a fate!”
“Ha ha,And I also have a fate!”Was cranes do not bear your hands,He has skyrocketing on him。
His dragon row,The breath of the body climbed,Transplanting the power of swallowing mountain rivers,His figure is like a light, so that it is the darkness of the gradually cracking.,Attempt to capture chaos gourd。
The fairy day and the talents of the Tiandong Tianshi have snorted,The figure of the two strong people strolled,Every body is filled with horrible breath,The two big strong people are almost in parallel。
One instant three strong people stand side by side。
Rui color http://www.ycxgmy.cn in the void is getting more and more strong,Dark space crack,The mixed rays are filled out,Suddenly a shock,The breath is swept away from this fascinating ray。
This shake is like a volcano,Such as a landslide。