Especially those Western strong,Summet in summer,Let them be frightened,Fortunately, he is going to be completely killed.。

“Ha ha。”
I finally can’t help but,Thoroughly stood in the abyss this side,Laughing and walked into the military farm。
Go to the sound,Mi National American carving Turns,And Eagle National Day,There is also the high-wood of the island country Gao Town.。
They are all special sectors of three countries,At this moment, it actually came first.。
The abyss woman and ghost do not stop them。
Both people look at each other,I saw it in my eyes.。
They all know,Once killed in summer,It is inevitably caused by sensation,And their two are certainly the first step。
Now someone jumps in and shares pressure and hatred,Nature。
“Kill god,I killed my younger brother Gray Tower that day.。”Tenz scent。
“East and West exchanges in Emgrand Manor,Your woman kills my player,Just kill you to repay it.。”Talking is the Niki Griffin。
The last high-wood cold road with the east aspects,“And my player island instant。”
They are in order to come cheap,Shameless people feel blushing。
only,Not waiting for them to go to the past,Summer dull scorpion suddenly shot two cold light,Stare at them。
“Can also fight……”
A few people were all scared.,Hurry,Continuous retreat。
The strength of the body is moving,Summer can’t stand it again,The whole person is planted,The body is dramatic。
“Ha ha,It turned out to be a clothing。”
Turns three people are absolutely super master in their respective teams.,It can just make them some blushing themselves.,Hurry and see the ghosts and abyss。
“Two choices,Kill the killing of God,Also counts us?”
The abyss woman looked loudly,“sure,Any Western masters can join in。”
Ghosts also attached to the sound,Surrounded,“Western friends,What is the purpose of the killing conference?,Is the competition in the East China,Nine major hegens,There is only one person in the East.,Now he is going to die.,Soon, I will have a new rise.,Don’t you don’t want to participate in??”
Very direct temptation,Even many people know the intention of ghosts,Pull-footed。
But there are still many Western masters aggressive.。
If you can kill an overlord,Even if you participate in,This will also be a glory and qualifications.。
For those masters and forces with ambition,This is the temptation that cannot be resistant to。
Ready to move,There are dozens of people enter the military farm.。
Although there are not many people,It is a master representative of many Western forces.。
Such a scene,Make Eastern Masters and China’s major ancient Wamemen have turned up。
They all have a sense of crisis。
Just at this time,Ghost hand,“There are also masters of the East and Huaxia,We only kill the god today,Unrelated to you,After killing him,The killing meeting continues,This is just our private hatred,I hope you don’t want to do stupid things.,Once the war,His two women may be detained by bombs.,When you can’t live alone。”
The snow flying eagle and rain in the best, silent。
They oppose each other,I saw the complex colors in each other’s eyes.。