[Can you eat eggs with fever]_ eggs _ fever _ can you eat them?

[Can you eat eggs with fever]_ eggs _ fever _ can you eat them?

Children’s health is always the most important thing for adults. Every move will make parents feel nervous, but children are fragile, and minor problems are inevitable. Among them, colds and fevers are the most common diseases. Some parents have fever in their children.At that time, it was used to give eggs to children. So, can children eat eggs with fever?

1. The reason why you ca n’t eat eggs with fever is that eggs contain higher protein, which increases the digestive burden on the human body.

It is believed that when people have a fever, their digestive ability will decline, and eating eggs containing a large amount of protein will increase the metabolic burden on the human body, thereby increasing the human body’s metabolism, which is not conducive to fever and rehabilitation.

2, the impact of fever on appetite: most of what we call fever is caused by bacterial or viral infection.

Due to the high body temperature during the fever, digestive enzyme activity in the body will be inhibited, leading to a decline in digestive function, especially for some digestive tract diseases.

3, eggs will not increase fever: a series of proteins produced by eggs has a small effect on body temperature, and it has little effect on the body temperature of young children.

4, the nutrition of eggs: the protein in eggs is highly accumulated by the human body, and eggs contain a variety of vitamins, such as B family, and VA, VD, VE and so on.

During fever, the metabolism of the human body is accelerated, and the breakdown of protein in the body is accelerated. Drinking more water, urinating more, and sweating more help the body recover, while also increasing the output of B vitamins and other nutrients.

It can be seen the significance of supplementing the nutrients in eggs during fever.

5. When you have a fever, you should pay attention to how to eat the eggs: the methods of frying and frying the eggs are not recommended!

The best is white boiled eggs.

But for the fever of digestive tract diseases, especially for infants and young children, you can choose steamed egg custard.

Note: Because eggs are easy to cause allergies in infants and young children, it is best not to eat eggs for babies younger when they are feverish.