“Who is?”
Hu Mingyu、Qu Guangjie、Liao Zhongwei at the same time,Looking at Wen Yanqi。
Wen Yan chess,Laugh:“Is this not??Previous round bull market,I heard that Wang always http://www.nanshahd.cn earned a big profession.,Stock market,It should be very sensible,May wish to ask。”
Trough,How to pull me……Good care for the king of melon people,Inexplicably named,A shocking spit almost 呛 眼,Forcibly,I didn’t cough.。
This matter is known as,He didn’t check me.。
Say something wrong,I really make a lot of money.,It’s problematic.……Buddy, I don’t understand stock.,Correct5·19This wave of quotes,Just remember a start time,How can the follow-up trend?,ask me,That’s not equal to the blindness??
“And this?”
“Wang, summary, returning to the venue.?”
Hu Mingyu has a few times of interest,Tightly look at the king。
Can’t be lame……Welcome a few people curious eyes,Wang flows dark decision,Then strongly load the town:“Wenke has a prize,Where is I insight?,It is good luck.,Make a small earning。”
“How much earned?”Qu http://www.lufeiair.cn Jianshen gossip,Ask。
“Yes,tell me the story。”Hu Mingyu is full of curiosity。
Wang Liqian:“In fact, there is not much,Also……More than 20 million。”
Chapter 111 So confident(Request subscription)
“How many?”
“More than 20 million?”
“This is also called not much.?”
Hu Mingyu, a few people in an instant, each other。
Only understanding the true Wen Yan chess surface does not change color,Laughter,I am interested in admiring a few people’s expressions。
Qu Mouding dry laugh:“Wang Zheng is really atmosphere.,I have been stunned to hundreds of thousands of people.,You have earned more than 20 million yet.……The pattern is big enough。”
Are you not asking,But not I want to install.……Wang Flow,Laugh on your mouth:“All is luck,And the money is still bond.,I really don’t have much in my hand.。”
“That is really earning.。”Zhou Cong is quite excited.:“I can earn so much,Also say that you don’t understand,It’s a bit too modest, the king is always,All friends,Have money to earn together,How is the future stock market?,Analyze and analyze our?”
“exactly,Guide to us,I bought technology stocks,Your future is high or low?”Qu Jiajie awake,Hurry and walk。
Wang traffic is said to see two people,road:“I really want to say.?”
“certainly,Otherwise, ask you.?”
“Say soon.,Don’t feel small。”
Zhou Cong、Qu Mouding urged。
Bar,Since you are not afraid of death,Then I can’t bear it.……Wang Liu Shen:“Technical stock,Long-term bullish,But short-term non-excluding,Especially the next two years,Have a cautious。”