“by!There’s no way to fucking!”

Liu Jian said frustratedly。
“and so,The only thing we can do,No matter what, Yang Shiyun and the people in black can’t find the monkey!”
Song Junming said firmly。
“Yang Shiyun is not easy to deal with……”
Liu Jian said frustratedly,As a colleague in the criminal police team,Whether it’s Song Junming or Liu Jian,All know Yang Shiyun well,That’s why Liu Jian said that。
“You have to deal with it if you don’t deal with it!We are now in trouble,Bite the bullet!If we can’t deal with her, we’ll all be over!”
Song Junming said helplessly。
“correct,I remember Yang Shiyun was not your fiancée??”
Liu Jian suddenly remembered this……
“Get out!Don’t fucking mention it to me!Otherwise I will turn your face!”
Song Junming was furious immediately!The matter between him and Yang Shiyun,Has always been his biggest taboo and shame,He would never allow anyone to mention this in front of him!
“Get,I won’t mention it,What the hell are you rushing?I don’t know why I’m not allowed to ask!”
Liu Jian said embarrassingly。
“Ask a wool!This is not what you should ask!Something you shouldn’t worry about,Ask less!I tell you;In front of me later,Never mention anything between me and Yang Shiyun!”
Song Junming suppressed his anger and said。
“alright,I won’t mention it in the future。”
Liu Jian looked at Song Junming’s face,Compromise。They are friends,He didn’t want to be out of touch with him,Unhappy with Song Junming,Not guilty……
“You two are chirping endlessly,So let people not sleep?Why so many words?”