There are 4 “taboos” in cold dew health, keep in mind, and get sick from you.


There are 4 鈥渢aboos鈥?in cold dew health, keep in mind, and get sick from you.

We just sent away the 7-day long holiday of the National Day. On the first day of work, we greeted the cold dew in the 24 solar terms.

The so-called cold dew means that the dew on the ground is about to condense into frost.

The cold season means that most of the southwestern region has officially entered the autumn, and the northeast with higher latitude will enter the late autumn.

So, in this hot and cold transition, how should we properly maintain health?

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Cold dew health is important in a balanced diet. The three meals do not hinder the porridge. Before the cold dew, some people already feel that the weather is getting colder every day, so they will start tonic in the diet, or they will eat some mutton, hot pot and other foods.The purpose of warming the stomach.

In fact, in the cold season, in the diet, excessive eating of thick and big fish is not the right choice. We should balance the diet and the five flavors, according to each person’s different physical conditions, eat more gluten food to raise the lungs and intestines.
Common foods suitable for cold dew are Sydney, persimmon, banana, carrot, winter melon, white fungus, beans, fungi and so on.

Specifically, for three meals a day, the cold season may wish to drink some medicinal porridge, can spleen and stomach to make up the gas, such as sugar cane porridge, jade bamboo porridge, sand porridge, raw porridge, Huang Jing porridge are good choices.

There is some kind of taboo in cold dew health?

Keep warm and cold, don’t forget the cold dew, take care of the herbal tea carefully: In the autumn, due to the dry weather, some busy office workers may have symptoms of dryness, swelling and pain in the gums, and do not blindly drink herbal tea to reduce the fire.
In the cold season, it is often because the qi and yin are empty or the qi is not yin. Blind drinking of herbal tea may aggravate the autumn dryness and consume gas and hurt the yin.

Cold dew health avoidance disorder: the error of work and rest, no matter what season is not good for the body, especially young people, work and rest disorders can bring a series of health risks.

In the cold season, it is best to get up early, and stretch the whole body after getting up early, which has certain benefits for preventing high incidence of blood clots in the early fall and winter.

Cold dew health should not blindly freeze: cold dew is the solar terms of alternating cold and hot, after the cold dew, everything will gradually decline with the cold.

At this time, the health should not be “autumn frozen”, especially the elderly and infants with weak resistance. In the cold season, especially pay attention to keep warm and cold, so as not to suffer from common diseases such as colds.

Don’t wear summer sandals at this time, so as to avoid “cold from full”, but wear comfortable shoes and socks to protect your feet and prevent cold intrusion.

Cold dew health does not over-exercise: exercise can strengthen the body, and can drive away the autumn and winter to a certain extent, but if the exercise intensity is too large, it will increase the body’s tiredness.

In the cold season, due to the high autumn, you should do some soothing movements close to nature, such as brisk walking, climbing, etc., can not only converge, but also achieve the purpose of exercise.