NS512chapter Shot

In fact,The situation in the old http://www.lanlongyaju.cn man is very bad。
Inside his brain,Tumor cell population with a walnut size,Very diffusion,Press most neurological tissue。
Why do you know so clear in the summer?。
This is the magical thing of mysterious energy.。
He once in the respect,Get this mysterious energy,Before,Can slightly induction,Such as the arm。
but,Yesterday, two supreme circles were integrated.,Summer once again got the mysterious energy inside。
Unlike,The mysterious energy that was previously obtained was black.,And the mysterious energy obtained yesterday is white。
These are not important,Important,A magical change has occurred in the summer。
Black and white energy in the body,Meiya route,Form a parallel club figure,Self-contained cycle。
He faintly feels,Seem,seemingly,seem……It’s going to break through?
There is also a little http://www.donghai8.cn benefit,Just now,When mysterious energy explores the patient’s body,He actually saw the situation inside。
certainly,So-called,Not using your eyes,But a strange feeling,Very delicate,Must!
This is also one of the summer cards.。
If you change anyone,The symptoms of the old people can only wait for death,No hope。
But for the summer,Although it is slightly difficult,But not to suppress。
Key is,He wants to roll in the brain,The patient is a dying old man,Has a certain risk。
But this is hard to stay in summer,In order to increase the grasp,So I have to have two basins.。
In the tense waiting,After a moment,Middle-aged pushes entry,Back followed by two young people,Everyone is in the hands of a pot of water。
Behind two young people,Also followed by a middle age of about 50 years old。
In the summer of summer,http://www.merryenglish.cnTwo pot water is placed on the table。
Take out the wallet,Open the inner layer,Take a row of silver and silver,More than 100 needles,All in one of the sinks。
Then,Summer start washing。
His action is very slow,Very careful,It seems to be cleaned every bacteria of your hands.。
Five minutes,Just when everyone is sitting,Finally stop。
However,Summer next action,Let everyone be speechless again。
He saved the silver needle in the basin,In another basin。
Then……Start the wash pin。
Be right。
He cleans the silver needles。
One,Have a handsome……
Everyone is somewhat stupid,Even if the woman is also tongue。
Don’t understand,What is this doing in the summer?。
It’s good to have a shock.,Not bother。
ten minutes later,Finally stopped。
Summer reach out,Place all silver needles on left hand,Stand up,Go to the bed,Motivate a silver needle,Location in the old man,Xu Xu went down。
This location,Mid-range,What can’t be seen。
then,In again, a needle was spappicated in the old man.。
Third needle,Be eyebrow。