Su Luo is also a little embarrassed,Wiped the sweat from his forehead,Tao:“They are too ununited,Fight because of something,Let’s go quickly。”</p>

Leave that staff member,Trying to persuade。</p>
ps:Seeking collection Seeking recommendation</p>
Seek reward and support</p>
Ask for monthly pass for subscription</p>
Book Friends:</p>
Welcome to join the group,Talk about blowing water。</p>
Old driver inside,Moe new owner,Mensao people deserve everything</p>
In another book,The name of the animal that appears,Not fictitious,But there are such creatures。</p>
Wilderness also involves some first aid knowledge,Can be used in reality。。</p>
First245chapter Son of tomorrow
One time,Both spent in the zoo。</p>
Go around in the zoo,Feed the tiger,Petting an elephant,Shovel baby panda shit,Feed the orangutan fruit。</p>
Everything,The baby panda loses his temper during the period,Almost scratched Li Yan,It was Su Luo who grabbed the baby panda’s neck and lifted it up in time,Put aside,Strong boyfriend。</p>
Because Li Yan brought snacks,So the two skirts will not be hungry,Stayed at the zoo。</p>
When the color is black,The two drove away from the zoo,Snacks at a restaurant outside,Then return to the hotel,Go back to the room and rest。</p>